Banished Snow

I started up my game today thrilled to see that the snow has finally vanished! Tutu moved because I did some traveling. Someone I never met moved as well! A few days ago, I finished the fossil exhibit! Grizzly came back from my second town, but his house is 1 Acre below where he used to live! I found Friga outside sleeping, so (naturally) I woke her up. As expected she went back inside. Apparently, Bones forgets his own name. Grizzly was also asleep outside! Ursula was also asleep! Is sleeping outside the new trend or what? Claude asked me if I’ve ever heard of Wendell. He’s the wallpaper guy. Nookington’s was closed so I couldn’t sell my fossils. But just when I was about to turn off the game, the bell dinged, so now I could sell my fossils. Nook gave me about 10,000 bells for 3 fossils! That was the end of my day.

-Mr. Cave


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