Super Lucky Duck

Apparently, today Candi buried something for a “Super Lucky Duck”. Uh… I’m not a duck, ya’ know! I recently got a Game Boy Advance so now I can go visit the island. Once I got there, I greeted my Islander, Maelle. She wanted my No. 2 Shirt that I got from Nook yesterday because I wanted Raffle tickets. I caught a Common Butterfly while I was there. I also caught a yellow butterfly! Then I went back home to the mainland. Sally (Cally in New Leaf) was standing over by the wishing well, so I talked to her. She offered a dress for my Common butterfly. I don’t usually decline trades, but I wasn’t looking for one of those. That was the end of my day.

-Mr. Cave


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2 thoughts on “Super Lucky Duck

  1. How does the Animal Island thing work? I’ve heard that you can download an island and kind of watch the the little villager and command it. Also Chestnut/Bliss (Caroline in New Leaf) the Islander is allergic to oranges.


    1. You need a Gamecube to Game Boy Advance cable. Then you need to turn on the game boy, go down to the dock, then talk to Kapp’n. Once you talk to kapp’n once more, you can have him put your island data on to the GBA. If you turn off the GBA while the island is still on it, you’ll lose the island. Instead, you have to go into sleep mode, if that explanation helps at all.


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