I cheated!

It’s been a long while since I last posted here, so let me give you a quick little snippet of my day on AC:

I started up the town and I got an HRA letter. I’ve always kinda had a low HRA score, but this time is an exception: They told me I live like an animal! The reason why is because storage back then was very limited, (Only 3 Items per closet!) so I just dump basically my entire pockets in my house, so I have random paper, umbrellas, and more.

So, if you don’t know, I chose to get an 8×8 house instead of a basement, so I had basically no room for storage. However, there’s a code that you can tell Tom Nook to get 30,000 bells at once, and you can do that three times. So I did that, then with my secondary character, Larry, I did the same thing again, this time mailing it all to my main character.

And with that, I was done! I had payed off my house (Yet again…) and I was going to get a basement the next day. If you want to know the 30,000 bells code, look at the bottom of this page.

That’s all for now. see you tommorow, with my new basement!





I really like blogs! You should make one too. Wordpress (which is what I use) has a free plan so you don't have to pay ANYTHING!

2 thoughts on “I cheated!

  1. Phew, I thought you were gone! Because I’m not old enough to make a blog (Or interested in all the hard stuff.) I guess I’ll use google docs.


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