TDC’s Basement Bargains

Today, I went to the store to find some stuff. They actually had a painting for sale, which you can usually only find from Redd!

Later that day, I spoke with Bones, and he wanted my painting. I would have said no, but Bones is my best bud, and I could easily order a new one (for 1,960 bells, might I add?) so I gave it up for Bones’ sake.

One of my alternate characters has a blue floor. for my second floor, I want the full blue series, so I mailed myself the carpet, which arrived when I filled up the post office.

Since I’ve been storing a lot of junk in my basement lately, I figured I could open a small business to sell some of that stuff. I made an advertisement for my new shop, and I called it “TDC’s Basement Bargains”, since the stuff I’m selling comes from my basement, and everything’s pretty cheap. (Pun definitely intended! :P)

Anyways, I did a lot of stuff today, and I hope that makes today’s post interesting. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


I really like blogs! You should make one too. Wordpress (which is what I use) has a free plan so you don't have to pay ANYTHING!

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