99,999 Bells!

So, I decided to come back to animal crossing, since Sims and Stardew Valley have been taking up a lot of my life lately. But, I rejoiced! And I’ve decided that every saturday, there’s going to be a post containing everything I did that week. So that means less, but longer posts. (today is an exception, the weekend posts will begin starting next week.)

Today, I had the goal of getting exactly 99,999 bells. And it was pretty easy considering that I already had 50,000 something bells. All that I needed to do was to cheat twice. Then, I paid off 10,001 bells so that I could go from 110,000 bells to 99,999 bells. Then, I just put the remaining bells from my pocket into my wallet, since my wallet had 69,999 bells instead of 99,999.

I also bought a CD player for my bedroom today. In case you don’t know, in the original game, the volume of your music is dependant on what type of music player you have. So, now the songs in my stereo upstairs are louder!

I went to talk to Bones, and he asked me if I had gotten fatter since he last saw me. I answered “Maybe…”, and then he started telling me how he can eat as much as he wants since he can hide his plumpness by using his clothes…. Then he said “cha-ching!” as if it was a catchphrase. So, I thought “Does the replacement for emerald say Cha-ching? So I went and checked, and… Nope!

Apparently, Emerald moved. It was nice having her, but I might like the new villager better. Ellie the brown elephant moved to town! At first, I thought she got her catchphrase from someone else, (“wee one” is dotty’s catchphrase. She used to live in my town.) but I just looked it up, and in fact, they do indeed have the same catchphrases!

That’s all for now. See you next time!


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