An Alternate Universe

Playing Animal Crossing during a pandemic is like peeking into an alternate universe since things are so different XD Anyways, welcome back, let’s get started.

I woke up this morning to a ton of presents in the mail since my birthday passed. Something funny was in my inventory: 2 sets of 5 August Raffle Tickets from last year! That’s right, the last time I played AC on the GameCube was August of last years, which literally feels like yesterday at this point.

I went into my house to find 7-8 cockroaches. Yikes! Someone gave me a soda machine (I don’t remember who, but whoever you are, thanks a lot!) so I put it in my house next to my stovetop.

I went outside and started walking around only to find a field of weeds! So, I ran around and got to work pulling out all the weeds…

I heard the clock bell 24 minutes late, so I checked the time and sure enough, It was behind by 24 minutes! I probably screwed stuff up by moving my gamecube around so I’ll fix that later.

On my weed-picking journey, I ran into Petunia who lengthily told me about the fireworks festival. Something that I miss about the old Animal Crossing games is that the conversations with villagers are actually quite long and interesting. In the new games, it seems like they just kind of say tutorial stuff so there’s not as much of a point in talking to villagers as there used to be. On another note, Ursala told me that Gracie’s fashion (an every other piece of clothing) looks perfect on her but a slouch like me could never look good in anything. a SLOUCH?! Jeez, I know it’s been 12 months since we talked but that doesn’t give you the right to harass me like that!

My inventory was full of bugs so I went to the museum to donate some of them. But all the bugs I had were already donated…

I went to sell the bugs to Nookington’s but my wallet was already full so Tom Nook had to pack it away in money bags. I now have a grand total of 102,399 bells! Wowie! I went upstairs to check the furniture for sale and there was a fridge and a ROCKET SHIP for sale! Holy crud!

I dug up an NES with Pinball from my basement and put it in my living room.

And that was the end of my weed-picking adventure of being insulted by a snooty snob. Come back tomorrow at 4:30PM EDT for more!


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