The Living Fossil, A.K.A. Coelacanth

It was raining today… That means I might be able to catch a coelacanth! (That’s a huge fish that you can only get while it’s raining.

I went fishing for some rare fish, and got 4 red snappers, a barred kinfejaw, an old shoe, and for the first time in a while, I saw a balloon present but it floated towards the ocean.

After my unsuccessful attempts at catching the living fossil, I had a chat with my residents. I went to the wishing well and Tortimer gave me a shop model for labor day. Bunnie said that someone told her that the ground hardens after it rains which she said was a huge lie! And that the ground is soggy and gross! (Not hard at all…) She also said that the water level in this town never changes, and thought that Wendell got really thirsty and went upstream. Then she doubted herself by saying that even he couldn’t drink that much water. I agree!

Another balloon showed up! But this one didn’t land in a tree, either. It just kept floating towards the sea. In this game, instead of shooting them down with slingshots, you have to wait and see if it hits a tree, then it’ll fall down…

I took my daily trip to the dump and found Wendell along the way. I gave him one of my red snappers and he said it was his favorite fish, and then he gave me a tropical vista wallpaper. In the dump was a modern lamp and a trendy top.

That’s all for now, see you later!


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