Yip yip!

It was raining (again) and I had 3 pieces of mail.

Starting off, I went to check the dump. There was a green table and vine paper in it.

I went down a bit and caught a walker cicada. For those of you who are unaware, every cicada except for the walker cicada is out from July to August, but the walker cicada is out from August to September!

I continued my hunt for a coelacanth because it was raining again. Instead, I found Gulliver washed up on the beach. He gave me a mermaid statue!

I bought an exquisite rug from Nook’s for 1,960 bells. I also got a raffle ticket, so I think now I have 4 of them. The raffle’s kinda annoying, but I still do it anyways.

I had a chat with Bones who begged to differ regarding Katrina’s fortune-telling because he didn’t understand what Katrina was trying to say, yip yip.

That’s all for now. See you later!


The Living Fossil, A.K.A. Coelacanth

It was raining today… That means I might be able to catch a coelacanth! (That’s a huge fish that you can only get while it’s raining.

I went fishing for some rare fish, and got 4 red snappers, a barred kinfejaw, an old shoe, and for the first time in a while, I saw a balloon present but it floated towards the ocean.

After my unsuccessful attempts at catching the living fossil, I had a chat with my residents. I went to the wishing well and Tortimer gave me a shop model for labor day. Bunnie said that someone told her that the ground hardens after it rains which she said was a huge lie! And that the ground is soggy and gross! (Not hard at all…) She also said that the water level in this town never changes, and thought that Wendell got really thirsty and went upstream. Then she doubted herself by saying that even he couldn’t drink that much water. I agree!

Another balloon showed up! But this one didn’t land in a tree, either. It just kept floating towards the sea. In this game, instead of shooting them down with slingshots, you have to wait and see if it hits a tree, then it’ll fall down…

I took my daily trip to the dump and found Wendell along the way. I gave him one of my red snappers and he said it was his favorite fish, and then he gave me a tropical vista wallpaper. In the dump was a modern lamp and a trendy top.

That’s all for now, see you later!

Red Snapper

Piper, the peppy ostrich villager left with the same letter as Pinky in https://tdcacblog.home.blog/2019/02/08/hi-candi! I went to Acre E-1 to fine her replacement: Bunnie, the peppy, er, bunny villager! It’s so hard not to mistake her for another species because her name definitely isn’t based on it… (If you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm.)

Lucky was bugging out as usual. He told me that he need food or else he’ll “flip his wig”. Eventually, I left the acre and went back and he went into his house. Problem solved!

I had a chat with Bones and he said that there’s nothing like a good letter to make him wanna take a long nap, which he followed up by falling asleep. He said that people remind him to not fall asleep “out here” even though he was in his bed-less house!

Next, I did something I basically never do when I play these games. I went fishing and caught a red snapper! “I caught a red snapper! That was a snap! (I really have to stop saying things like that…)”

I did a little more fishing and caught 2 pale chubs and another red snapper. I would write more, but I suspect I’ll be playing for a bit to long to write it all here.

See you next time!

Columbus Town Info

I’ve never posted the town info for my second town of Columbus, so here it is:

Native fruit: Pears

Created: November 2018

Post Office – A-2
Shop (Nook’s Cranny) – A-4
Dump – A-5
Museum – E-1
Wishing Well – E-2
Police Station – E-4
Tailor (Able Sisters) – F-4

Axel – C-4
Candi – B-1
Claude – C-2
Tank – C-2
Mint – B-4
Opal – C-3
Friga – C-3
Otis – B-5
Lulu – D-4
Peaches – D-4
Liz – D-5
Dotty – D-5
Rocco – E-3
Rex – F-1
Sally (Cally in New Leaf onwards) – C5

Previous Villagers:

Rubber Tree

I got a letter from Tom Nook about a rubber tree. He told me that it’s a “stunning offer”. I don’t think I’ve ever needed a rubber tree at a low price before, but okay…

A rose shirt and a Green Tie-die were in the dump. Funny thing is, I’m wearing a green
tie-die shirt right now!

Besides the rubber tree, there was also a Newton’s Cradle that I bought! I heard it banging as soon as I went to the second floor of Nookington’s.

I went to cut down a tree, but bees came out of it! There’s no medicine in this game, so you have to wait until the next day to get your stings healed.

I had a run-in with Candi who had recently moved to Columbus, my 2nd town. Villagers that move away due to train travel can sometimes show up at the town they moved from. She said that she would’ve thrown the biggest temper tantrum if I had forgotten about her, but luckily I didn’t.

Speaking of “Luckily”, I ran into Lucky who seemed to have himself under control today. He said that I looked terrible because of my bee stings…

I also ran into Amelia, who told me that my stings must hurt and called me a poor little pincushion!

No matte what I do, whenever I plant trees in Acre D-4 they always die. I suspect I may have hit the tree limit in the town, but the wishing well says that that’s what I have to do to get the perfect town status.

In September, there’s a million red dragonflies everywhere, so it’s pretty easy to make a bit of money.

I cut down a non-bee-infested tree so that I could plant an apple tree in its place. I have no clue why this game’s so nitpicky about where trees can and can’t be planted. It gets really annoying at times.

Last thing I did was to sell a fossil that I had from a few days ago. Tom Nook gave me 5,000 bells which was enough to overflow my bell count into the 100,000s! The final debt is really expensive, so that was really helpful with that. I paid off 100,00 more bells, now I have 429,047 bells left on my loan. Ouch…

That’s all for now. See you next time!

New Town Info

This isn’t a real blog post, but to avoid more late-night cross-age, and to get a post out today, I’ll write down the town info:

Created: Circa 2015/14

Native Fruit: Peaches

Residents (as of 9/6/2020):


That’s all for now, see you later!

Late Night Cross-age

You just gotta watch your snack intake a little better.

Lucky, Animal Crossing – Population: Growing! 2020

I started up my game pretty late today; I forgot to start up my game earlier…

First, I went to the dump and found a noodle shirt. From what I can tell, it’s supposed to look like the carton that lo-mien from a restaurant comes in.

I talked to Copper and he told me that on the 3rd (That’s tomorrow!) they’re running their B.I.P. (Bust Illegal Parkers) campaign. That means that hopefully Gracie will be here tomorrow and I can wash her car to get some clothes!

Since my last post in August, I did some train traveling and as expected, somebody moved away to the other town… It wasn’t Bones, thankfully, but Candi, the peppy mouse moved. I first met her in I think one of my first posts here! Go back to the February archives to the first regular post and you should be able to find it. That was before I separated parts of the post with new lines. I might go back and change those someday, but they’ll stay their cringy selves for a little longer.

Speaking of Bones, as soon as I went into the acre where his house is, he went into his house. I went inside at the same time as him but once the interior loaded, he was somehow already at the back corner of his house! What is this dark magic and how do I posses it?

Nook’s had yet another cream sofa… I feel like I’ve seen it for the 15,000th time already! I have no clue why it keeps constantly popping up all the time. They still don’t have any green or blue furniture though.

Lastly, I had a chat with Lucky who asked me if I got fatter, I told him “Maybe…” because in this quarantine it’s really hard to not eat tons of junk food. He said, “Uh-huh. I thought so. Man, I know how it is. You just gotta watch your snack intake a little better. Especially at this time of day. Eating snacks now is like a first-class, one-way ticket to Porkdom. Me? I hide my weight with my clothes so I can eat whatever, whenever, rrr-owch! Ka-ching!” (rrr-owch is his default catchphrase.) He really seems to be bugging out a lot… I found him by his house moving around in all sorts of weird directions. It seemed like he wanted to go into his house but couldn’t.

That’s all for now, see you tomorrow!

The Blue Room

I’m back! To start off this entry, I’ll be telling you about my hunt for blue furniture.

I’m currently on a hunt for blue furniture for my 2nd floor. So far, I have blue trim wall, blue flooring, a blue dresser, a blue bench, a blue clock, and a blue closet. The main thing I’m after is the blue bed right now.

Next, I paid off more of my loan. I paid 12,455 bells to end up with (again) 99,999 bells! Now, I have 529,047 left.

I ran down to Lucky’s house, but he wasn’t home. Amelia lives in the acre to the right of him, in E-2. She asked me if I wanted to join a secret driving club, I said yes, and she was surprised that I really wanted to join. She called me weird, which I totally agree with…

Next, it was time to do some fossil hunting, but I found Lucky along the way, who himself, could be considered a fossil! I mailed the 1 fossil I dug up (but not Lucky) and stopped for the day. See you next time!

Weeding the Town

I started out my day with a full mail pocket. Claude gave me a birthday present but I didn’t open it last time. It was a yellow umbrella. How exciting! After emptying my mail pouch I got letters, one from the HRA that gave me a score of 5,297 points. “the size of your house is wasted. Why have all that space if you don’t fabullize it?” and the second one was from Nookington’s. They currently have a “stunning offer” on a cabana lamp. O-kay?

Bones made a bulletin board post:
“I buried my blue corner in one of the 3 acres. I don’t know why I did it; I was sleepwalking at the time. Finders keepers!
from Bones” Naturally I went up to A-3 to see if it was there, and it wasn’t. I kept searching, but along the way a mosquito bit me. I also talked to Carrie who asked why I disappeared from the face of the earth for over 12 months (yikes!) and thought I didn’t even know or care that she was searching for me for weeks.

I dug up a fossil and mailed it to the museum for assessment and plucked far too many weeds. I ran into Bones running around his front yard who told me he knows so much about food but not that much about furniture since it’s not edible. He asked me to sell him my tall lullaboid for 2,810 bells which seemed like an okay deal.

I’m gonna end my post here because I don’t feel like writing anymore. I’m also going to go on hiatus until September 1st in effort to make 1 post a day. See you then!

An Alternate Universe

Playing Animal Crossing during a pandemic is like peeking into an alternate universe since things are so different XD Anyways, welcome back, let’s get started.

I woke up this morning to a ton of presents in the mail since my birthday passed. Something funny was in my inventory: 2 sets of 5 August Raffle Tickets from last year! That’s right, the last time I played AC on the GameCube was August of last years, which literally feels like yesterday at this point.

I went into my house to find 7-8 cockroaches. Yikes! Someone gave me a soda machine (I don’t remember who, but whoever you are, thanks a lot!) so I put it in my house next to my stovetop.

I went outside and started walking around only to find a field of weeds! So, I ran around and got to work pulling out all the weeds…

I heard the clock bell 24 minutes late, so I checked the time and sure enough, It was behind by 24 minutes! I probably screwed stuff up by moving my gamecube around so I’ll fix that later.

On my weed-picking journey, I ran into Petunia who lengthily told me about the fireworks festival. Something that I miss about the old Animal Crossing games is that the conversations with villagers are actually quite long and interesting. In the new games, it seems like they just kind of say tutorial stuff so there’s not as much of a point in talking to villagers as there used to be. On another note, Ursala told me that Gracie’s fashion (an every other piece of clothing) looks perfect on her but a slouch like me could never look good in anything. a SLOUCH?! Jeez, I know it’s been 12 months since we talked but that doesn’t give you the right to harass me like that!

My inventory was full of bugs so I went to the museum to donate some of them. But all the bugs I had were already donated…

I went to sell the bugs to Nookington’s but my wallet was already full so Tom Nook had to pack it away in money bags. I now have a grand total of 102,399 bells! Wowie! I went upstairs to check the furniture for sale and there was a fridge and a ROCKET SHIP for sale! Holy crud!

I dug up an NES with Pinball from my basement and put it in my living room.

And that was the end of my weed-picking adventure of being insulted by a snooty snob. Come back tomorrow at 4:30PM EDT for more!