Weekday Posts

I have decided to make posts only on the weekdays (unless it’s a holiday. Then I’ll make a post.) due to a potentially busy schedule. I hope you understand, and I look forward to seeing you in the future!

-Mr. Cave

Crazy Redd-intine’s Day

Redd is coming to town tomorrow which also happens to be Valentine’s Day! Also, Nookway is finally remodeling! You know what that means, right? NOOKINGTON’S! But I can’t sell anything. Tank had buried some treasure in one of the C acres. I found Cyrano sleeping outside his house, I talked to him, and then he went back to his house. I ran my way down to Bones, But as always, he’s not there. I went to say hi to the person I met in the last post: Carrie. I went to check the dump, but there’s nothing very interesting there today. I went to chat with Copper, and he said he got a flyer for Redd’s store. So far no sight of Bones.

Sorry that this one was a little short. But I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Mammoth Torso

Today I got a mammoth torso from the Farway Museum. Not what I wanted though. I just need a T-rex skull and then the fossil exhibit will be complete! there was a new villager in town called Carrie. She’s a kangaroo with the same catchphrase that I happened to give to Cyrano not too long ago. In her house, she has a Tall Harmonoid, a Warbloid, and a water bird. That’s all the notable stuff, anyway. I stopped by to say hi to Claude. I haven’t been on for a while, so he asked me if I had trouble waking up too. He got some stone tile, but he doesn’t think it’s edible. (Of course, tile’s not edible!) Bones was not in his house, so I said hello to Jambette. Apparently, it’s been 2 weeks since we last chatted. she wanted my pothos I got in my last post for either 3,000 bells or a tumbleweed. Jeez, I know I’m rich, but that doesn’t mean you can buy my stuff for ridiculous prices. Anicotti thinks she’s the snow queen. It seems like we both want a planetarium in town, but that’s impossible in this town! I finally found Bones who was right outside Boots’ house. He told me that valentine’s day was coming up soon. Yeah Bones, I know! Tank was talking about Crazy Redd. Sure, his prices are crazy, but at least there are no forged paintings in this one! That was the end of my day. I hope you enjoyed it!

-Mr. Cave

Beware of the Flying Bug Nets!

I started by grabbing my mail. I forgot to open it until after my video. I just kind of ran around town for a little bit before stumbling across Ursula. She was so mean to me that I had to hit her with a bug net a bunch of times, Which obviously angered her. I don’t usually do that, but I had to so I could give her a taste of her own medicine. The rest of the stuff you can see in the video.


See you tomorrow!

-Mr. Cave

Moving Liz

After I blogged, I played as my secondary character, Larry, and traveled to my other town. In Population: Growing!, if you travel to another town, then there’s a 50/50 chance that someone from your town will move to the one you traveled to, only to be replaced by someone in that town. That happened to me today, but I don’t know who moved in. I only know that Liz moved out. This is just a quick update to my previous post.

-Mr. Cave

Hi, Candi!

I’m leaving town, and  I’m not telling anyone where I’m going, but don’t you worry! I’m off on a grand adventure that’s totally going to rule! Wish me luck in my new life.

-Pinky – 2019

Today, I’m just going to do this one:

Animal Crossing – Population: Growing!

I started my day by getting the mail. I discovered that one of my past villagers, Pinky, had moved away. I checked the map, and discovered that in a spot where someone used to live a while ago, there was a new house: The house of Candi! She’s a very pink mouse that’s wearing a TON of makeup on her eyes. I was able to sneak into her house and saw that it’s very Apple-y. There’s also a Pink Kitchen set on the side. There are also 2 Gyroids in there. I tried to go into Cyrano’s house, but he wasn’t there. Next, I broke out my Shovel and tried to find the money rock. If you’ve never heard of it, then please look here. I couldn’t find it, so I moved on. I went into the shop to see if there was anything cool there. I found a really cool bookshelf to give to someone! In return, Tom Nook gave me a Raffle Ticket! Yay! Next, It was time to visit good ol’ Bones. I ran all the way there, but he wasn’t there. It was time to find Bones! I didn’t end up finding him. I ran up the hill just in time to see Rasher go into his house! I ran up to the dump and saw some furniture and paper. Next, I found an igloo! Claude was cooking Chowder in a pot. Last but not least, I checked the notice board. Pete the mailman said to clean out our mailboxes so there room for Valentine’s Day cards! And that was the end of that day. Sorry I couldn’t put any pictures in. I’ll try to do that next time.

-Mr. Cave


Welcome to my Animal Crossing blog! If you came here from thefinkedfilms.com then you’re gonna like this blog! This blog was inspired by jvgs.net whose content I love. If you like this blog, I recommend you go check him out.

Town Info

It’s time to explain the info.

I have two towns in this game. Here’s the info for the first one:

Native Fruit: Peach

Villagers: Cyrano, Friga, Bones, Tank, Claude, Ursula, Tutu, Jambette, Rasher, Anicotti (I can’t remember them all…)

…And the second town:

Native Fruit: Pear

Villagers: Dotty, Peaches, Mint, Lulu, Rex (I can’t remember the rest…)