Moving Liz

After I blogged, I played as my secondary character, Larry, and traveled to my other town. In Population: Growing!, if you travel to another town, then there’s a 50/50 chance that someone from your town will move to the one you traveled to, only to be replaced by someone in that town. That happened to me today, but I don’t know who moved in. I only know that Liz moved out. This is just a quick update to my previous post.

-Mr. Cave


Hi, Candi!

I’m leaving town, and  I’m not telling anyone where I’m going, but don’t you worry! I’m off on a grand adventure that’s totally going to rule! Wish me luck in my new life.

-Pinky – 2019

I started my day by getting the mail. I discovered that one of my past villagers, Pinky, had moved away. I checked the map, and discovered that in a spot where someone used to live a while ago, there was a new house: The house of Candi! She’s a very pink mouse that’s wearing a TON of makeup on her eyes. I was able to sneak into her house and saw that it’s very Apple-y. There’s also a Pink Kitchen set on the side. There are also 2 Gyroids in there. I tried to go into Cyrano’s house, but he wasn’t there. Next, I broke out my Shovel and tried to find the money rock. If you’ve never heard of it, then please look here. I couldn’t find it, so I moved on. I went into the shop to see if there was anything cool there. I found a really cool bookshelf to give to someone! In return, Tom Nook gave me a Raffle Ticket! Yay! Next, It was time to visit good ol’ Bones. I ran all the way there, but he wasn’t there. It was time to find Bones! I didn’t end up finding him. I ran up the hill just in time to see Rasher go into his house! I ran up to the dump and saw some furniture and paper. Next, I found an igloo! Claude was cooking Chowder in a pot. Last but not least, I checked the notice board. Pete the mailman said to clean out our mailboxes so there room for Valentine’s Day cards! And that was the end of that day. Sorry I couldn’t put any pictures in. I’ll try to do that next time.

-Mr. Cave