Mammoth Torso

Today I got a mammoth torso from the Farway Museum. Not what I wanted though. I just need a T-rex skull and then the fossil exhibit will be complete! there was a new villager in town called Carrie. She’s a kangaroo with the same catchphrase that I happened to give to Cyrano not too long ago. In her house, she has a Tall Harmonoid, a Warbloid, and a water bird. That’s all the notable stuff, anyway. I stopped by to say hi to Claude. I haven’t been on for a while, so he asked me if I had trouble waking up too. He got some stone tile, but he doesn’t think it’s edible. (Of course, tile’s not edible!) Bones was not in his house, so I said hello to Jambette. Apparently, it’s been 2 weeks since we last chatted. she wanted my pothos I got in my last post for either 3,000 bells or a tumbleweed. Jeez, I know I’m rich, but that doesn’t mean you can buy my stuff for ridiculous prices. Anicotti thinks she’s the snow queen. It seems like we both want a planetarium in town, but that’s impossible in this town! I finally found Bones who was right outside Boots’ house. He told me that valentine’s day was coming up soon. Yeah Bones, I know! Tank was talking about Crazy Redd. Sure, his prices are crazy, but at least there are no forged paintings in this one! That was the end of my day. I hope you enjoyed it!

-Mr. Cave