99,999 Bells!

So, I decided to come back to animal crossing, since Sims and Stardew Valley have been taking up a lot of my life lately. But, I rejoiced! And I’ve decided that every saturday, there’s going to be a post containing everything I did that week. So that means less, but longer posts. (today is an exception, the weekend posts will begin starting next week.)

Today, I had the goal of getting exactly 99,999 bells. And it was pretty easy considering that I already had 50,000 something bells. All that I needed to do was to cheat twice. Then, I paid off 10,001 bells so that I could go from 110,000 bells to 99,999 bells. Then, I just put the remaining bells from my pocket into my wallet, since my wallet had 69,999 bells instead of 99,999.

I also bought a CD player for my bedroom today. In case you don’t know, in the original game, the volume of your music is dependant on what type of music player you have. So, now the songs in my stereo upstairs are louder!

I went to talk to Bones, and he asked me if I had gotten fatter since he last saw me. I answered “Maybe…”, and then he started telling me how he can eat as much as he wants since he can hide his plumpness by using his clothes…. Then he said “cha-ching!” as if it was a catchphrase. So, I thought “Does the replacement for emerald say Cha-ching? So I went and checked, and… Nope!

Apparently, Emerald moved. It was nice having her, but I might like the new villager better. Ellie the brown elephant moved to town! At first, I thought she got her catchphrase from someone else, (“wee one” is dotty’s catchphrase. She used to live in my town.) but I just looked it up, and in fact, they do indeed have the same catchphrases!

That’s all for now. See you next time!

Gone off with a BANG!

Today starting off with a bang. literally. It was storming in the world of AC, so most people were inside.

I went to the store and found a pear dresser for sale. I bought it and put it in my bedroom. Later, I ordered another one since it wasn’t enough to store all of my shirts!

Bones was concerned that he wasn’t getting any letters lately. I immediately followed by writing him a nice, long letter just to let him know that we didn’t forget about his (and everyone else’s) love for letter writing.

That’s all for this short post. See you next time!

Annoying Dressers

The 3 cabana dressers that I ordered yesterday came. I went and put them in the basement, only to discover that you can’t store furniture or gyroids in them! What is this blasphemy?

I went and bought a new diary from Nookington’s. It was the captain’s log. I made a diary entry for today, too!

I’ve been doing some house redesigning lately, and I’ve decided to rearrange my basement so that TDC’s Basement Bargains customers can actually see what i’m selling now!

That’s all for today. See you next time!

Lots Of Cataloging

Nothing too notable happened today, but I wanted to organize my basement a little bit more. So, you see, my basement is filled very tightly, so I can’t reach things very easily.

Now that I have TDC’s Basement Bargains going on, I decided to order a whole bunch of cabana dressers, and then make isles of them, so that it’s easier to see (and reach) things that people might want.

Also, I noticed that Sally, (Cally in new leaf) got replaced by Emerald, a green frog. Sally’s been in my town since november, so it didn’t make sense why she left. Although, I did do a bit of travelling yesterday, so that could be why.

That’s all for now from this short post, see ya next time!

Sad Bones

Today, Bones tried to trick me into thinking that he was a pro at billiards. As this kind of thing had happened before, (he just swapped billiards with surfing) I told him that I didn’t believe him. Apparently, now he’s super sad since I didn’t even believe him for a second! 😦

Also, when I was saving the game to turn it off, I remembered that I had a letter to mail, so I went back onto the game to mail it.

And Nookington’s still doesn’t have a wide screen tv! (the one that comes with a tv stand) I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in this town. It could be in the other shop (in the other town) but I didn’t take the time to check there. I’ll be sure to update you later on if I buy anything new.

One of the things I bought today was a toilet. Yep. A toilet. I also found a rainbow shirt at the shop, too!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye!

TDC’s Basement Bargains

Today, I went to the store to find some stuff. They actually had a painting for sale, which you can usually only find from Redd!

Later that day, I spoke with Bones, and he wanted my painting. I would have said no, but Bones is my best bud, and I could easily order a new one (for 1,960 bells, might I add?) so I gave it up for Bones’ sake.

One of my alternate characters has a blue floor. for my second floor, I want the full blue series, so I mailed myself the carpet, which arrived when I filled up the post office.

Since I’ve been storing a lot of junk in my basement lately, I figured I could open a small business to sell some of that stuff. I made an advertisement for my new shop, and I called it “TDC’s Basement Bargains”, since the stuff I’m selling comes from my basement, and everything’s pretty cheap. (Pun definitely intended! :P)

Anyways, I did a lot of stuff today, and I hope that makes today’s post interesting. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Hideous Town Tune!

One of the most notable thing that happened today in the village was that Petunia, someone who’s been here for not that long, told me that the town tune was hideous! (it’s the default one.)

Apparently, the HRA doesn’t like my house. They gave me less points for a bigger house, and less points for a smaller house! How do you please these crazy people?!

I was talking to Bones, and he fell asleep. (Classic lazy villagers…) That would have been ok with me, but he did so right in front of Nookington’s!

Later, I tried to catch a Walker Cicada that flew away before I was even close to it!

And that was pretty much the end of my day. See you next time on TDC AC!