Rainy Day

Today was the first day in a LONG time that it rained, (In winter it snows.) so I had to grab my umbrella from my house. As usual, most people were inside. Bones wanted a yellow butterfly that I got yesterday. I was going to say no until he offered me an apple! If you don’t know, my town only has peaches and pears! I then went and planted it close to the nearby river. Tomorrow is raffle day. I don’t think I’ll get enough tickets, though. I also went and planted some more fruit trees. (Because you can never have enough!) Then I just kind of wandered around for a bit. I also went and planted some more Coconut trees. Then that was the end of my day.

-Mr. Cave

Super Lucky Duck

Apparently, today Candi buried something for a “Super Lucky Duck”. Uh… I’m not a duck, ya’ know! I recently got a Game Boy Advance so now I can go visit the island. Once I got there, I greeted my Islander, Maelle. She wanted my No. 2 Shirt that I got from Nook yesterday because I wanted Raffle tickets. I caught a Common Butterfly while I was there. I also caught a yellow butterfly! Then I went back home to the mainland. Sally (Cally in New Leaf) was standing over by the wishing well, so I talked to her. She offered a dress for my Common butterfly. I don’t usually decline trades, but I wasn’t looking for one of those. That was the end of my day.

-Mr. Cave

Banished Snow

I started up my game today¬†thrilled to see that the snow has finally vanished! Tutu moved because I did some traveling. Someone I never met moved as well! A few days ago, I finished the fossil exhibit! Grizzly came back from my second town, but his house is 1 Acre below where he used to live! I found Friga outside sleeping, so (naturally) I woke her up. As expected she went back inside. Apparently, Bones forgets his own name. Grizzly was also asleep outside! Ursula was also asleep! Is sleeping outside the new trend or what? Claude asked me if I’ve ever heard of Wendell. He’s the wallpaper guy. Nookington’s was closed so I couldn’t sell my fossils. But just when I was about to turn off the game, the bell dinged, so now I could sell my fossils. Nook gave me about 10,000 bells for 3 fossils! That was the end of my day.

-Mr. Cave

Weekday Posts

I have decided to make posts only on the weekdays (unless it’s a holiday. Then I’ll make a post.) due to a potentially busy schedule. I hope you understand, and I look forward to seeing you in the future!

-Mr. Cave

Crazy Redd-intine’s Day

Redd is coming to town tomorrow which also happens to be Valentine’s Day! Also, Nookway is finally remodeling! You know what that means, right? NOOKINGTON’S! But I can’t sell anything. Tank had buried some treasure in one of the C acres. I found Cyrano sleeping outside his house, I talked to him, and then he went back to his house. I ran my way down to Bones, But as always, he’s not there. I went to say hi to the person I met in the last post: Carrie. I went to check the dump, but there’s nothing very interesting there today. I went to chat with Copper, and he said he got a flyer for Redd’s store. So far no sight of Bones.

Sorry that this one was a little short. But I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Mammoth Torso

Today I got a mammoth torso from the Farway Museum. Not what I wanted though. I just need a T-rex skull and then the fossil exhibit will be complete! there was a new villager in town called Carrie. She’s a kangaroo with the same catchphrase that I happened to give to Cyrano not too long ago. In her house, she has a Tall Harmonoid, a Warbloid, and a water bird. That’s all the notable stuff, anyway. I stopped by to say hi to Claude. I haven’t been on for a while, so he asked me if I had trouble waking up too. He got some stone tile, but he doesn’t think it’s edible. (Of course, tile’s not edible!) Bones was not in his house, so I said hello to Jambette. Apparently, it’s been 2 weeks since we last chatted. she wanted my pothos I got in my last post for either 3,000 bells or a tumbleweed. Jeez, I know I’m rich, but that doesn’t mean you can buy my stuff for ridiculous prices. Anicotti thinks she’s the snow queen. It seems like we both want a planetarium in town, but that’s impossible in this town! I finally found Bones who was right outside Boots’ house. He told me that valentine’s day was coming up soon. Yeah Bones, I know! Tank was talking about Crazy Redd. Sure, his prices are crazy, but at least there are no forged paintings in this one! That was the end of my day. I hope you enjoyed it!

-Mr. Cave

Beware of the Flying Bug Nets!

I started by grabbing my mail. I forgot to open it until after my video. I just kind of ran around town for a little bit before stumbling across Ursula. She was so mean to me that I had to hit her with a bug net a bunch of times, Which obviously angered her. I don’t usually do that, but I had to so I could give her a taste of her own medicine. The rest of the stuff you can see in the video.


See you tomorrow!

-Mr. Cave

Moving Liz

After I blogged, I played as my secondary character, Larry, and traveled to my other town. In Population: Growing!, if you travel to another town, then there’s a 50/50 chance that someone from your town will move to the one you traveled to, only to be replaced by someone in that town. That happened to me today, but I don’t know who moved in. I only know that Liz moved out. This is just a quick update to my previous post.

-Mr. Cave

Hi, Candi!

I’m leaving town, and  I’m not telling anyone where I’m going, but don’t you worry! I’m off on a grand adventure that’s totally going to rule! Wish me luck in my new life.

-Pinky – 2019

I started my day by getting the mail. I discovered that one of my past villagers, Pinky, had moved away. I checked the map, and discovered that in a spot where someone used to live a while ago, there was a new house: The house of Candi! She’s a very pink mouse that’s wearing a TON of makeup on her eyes. I was able to sneak into her house and saw that it’s very Apple-y. There’s also a Pink Kitchen set on the side. There are also 2 Gyroids in there. I tried to go into Cyrano’s house, but he wasn’t there. Next, I broke out my Shovel and tried to find the money rock. If you’ve never heard of it, then please look here. I couldn’t find it, so I moved on. I went into the shop to see if there was anything cool there. I found a really cool bookshelf to give to someone! In return, Tom Nook gave me a Raffle Ticket! Yay! Next, It was time to visit good ol’ Bones. I ran all the way there, but he wasn’t there. It was time to find Bones! I didn’t end up finding him. I ran up the hill just in time to see Rasher go into his house! I ran up to the dump and saw some furniture and paper. Next, I found an igloo! Claude was cooking Chowder in a pot. Last but not least, I checked the notice board. Pete the mailman said to clean out our mailboxes so there room for Valentine’s Day cards! And that was the end of that day. Sorry I couldn’t put any pictures in. I’ll try to do that next time.

-Mr. Cave


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